Valencia St.

My favorite street in all of San Francisco has got to be Valencia St in the Mission District.

Over the years this street has changed from fun and funky old to antique furniture shops to fun and funky all types of shops. Today I start my walk from Valencia St at Market St.

If it was evening I would stop in at Martuni’s Bar for a little beverage and certainly to listen to those brave sorts that take the mike to sing with the piano player. Understand this that this is not a karaoke bar. I have heard opera, blues, R&B all from local entertainers that stop in for a drink before or after an evening out on the town. But it is only 11:00 am so I continue down Valencia St to visit, Stuff, Vintage & Modern for flea market junkies like myself. I just love this type of store. There is also The Community Thrift Store across the street of the police station and, yes, there are a couple of 2nd hand stores up and down all along the street. Valencia Street will offer the shopper plenty of different stores that feature jewelry, painting, pottery and many other handmade items from local artists. Plus there are furniture stores that sell items to sit on, hang up, dress up or make your home look fresh & new all over again. They will make Martha Stewart proud. One such store that I just love is called, Gypsy Honeymoon.

And of course there is always a local or maybe a neighbor that is having a garage sale in front of where they live. There are some good buys to be had especially when there is sun in the Mission.

Along the way but on the other side of the street is the Annunciation Cathedral Greek Orthodox church. Every September they open their doors for a grand festival with Greek music, food, artisans and plenty of ozo which is the official Greek beverage or so I am told. But it’s not September so I move on down the block.

Many old housing units have been replaced with newer units that shine with a diversity that is common in the Mission. Café’s are installing patio like areas that take up some of the parking in front of their cafes.

The City has started a ‘car free zone’ that rotates into the different neighborhoods. When it comes to Valencia Street the stores open up to the street for all to see. During this time so much more is exposed if you can image. There are gyms, studios for yoga, and dance venues.

There are plenty of restaurants both casual or fancy that offer breakfast, lunch or dinner, offering crepes, burritos, Spanish tapas, tacos, Asian noodles, sushi, burgers, creamy and a just love Katz for their fresh bake bagels that they bake every morning with of course a café latte, cafés, yogurt shops, local old dive bars that are know hip dive bars, and book stores.

Wow! Valencia Street offers it all.