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Top 10 Bakeries in San Francisco

The Downtown Bus, heading to a bakery perhaps?

1 John Campbell’s Irish Bakery
This place has amazing desert tarts, like raspberry jam or double chocolate almond, but breakfast is where it really excels. You gotta try the Brie, Mushroom and Bacon potato bread. It is the best breakfast sandwich I’ve ever had. Or for the vegetarian, try the vegetable curry pastie with carrots, peas, potatoes and onions mixed with spicy curry in a puff pastry. But make sure you bring cash. They don’t take plastic.

2 Dominguez Mexican Bakery
From the peanut Butter cookies to the Cono pastries filled with custard, this Mexican bakery has plenty to satisfy your sweet tooth. But what really shines is their fruit filled empanadas. Whether you fancy custard, apple, strawberry, pineapple, apricot, or my personal favorite, pumpkin, you’ll love these delicious bites, especially when they’re fresh out the oven.

3 Pinkie’s Bakery
At Pinkie’s, it’s all about the cakes. Definitely try the Chocolate Ganache with Sea Salt, three layers of super moist devil’s food cake with bittersweet chocolate mousse filling, frosted with dark chocolate ganache and sprinkled with Maldon sea salt. And for an extra flavor punch, add caramel drizzle!

4 Liguria Bakery
This Italian Bakery in the heart of San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood is most well known for it’s focaccia. With nine different flavors including garlic rosemary, mushroom, or raisin, and baked fresh several times a day, this is easily the best focaccia in the City.
5 La Boulange
This little french bakery is very unassuming from the outside but once you’ve seen the array of delicious treats they offer, one can’t help but want to try everything! From their seasonal menu that changes monthly featuring fruits and vegetables of the season, like the Cherry Flan Tart or Ratatouille Tartine with seasonal vegetablestopped with olive tapenade and goat cheese, to their enormous everyday menu with items like several flavors of french macarons and poundcake, my favorite is the vanilla blueberry, cookies, danish, and an amazing savory menu with salads and sandwiches, La Boulange has something for everyone.
6 Atlas Cafe
While Atlas Cafe has several goodies to offer, my favorites are their personal pizzas. I love the apples and Goat Cheese pizza with pickled apples, mozzerella, sage tomato sauce and fresh basil and topped with fresh goat cheese. The flavors combine perfectly. I’m also a huge fan of Spicy Chicken with roasted chicken breast, pickled red onion, feta, mozzarella and cilantro jalapeno pesto.

7 Thorough Bread & Pastry
You really can’t go wrong at this place. Everything I’ve ever had is amazing. This may be because they use 100% natural, fresh ingredients. A few suggestions, however, would include any of the scones, the cinnamon pecan is my favorite, the 3 diamond cookies, and the cranberry walnut bread. You’ll have to go back everyday for a month or two to try everything.

8 Dianda’s Italian American Pastry
If you’re looking for something sweet, this is the place for you. With a huge variety of cookies, pastries, candies, wedding cakes and much more, you’re sure to find something that will please a crowd. I suggest the St. Honore cake, rum soaked cake filled with custard sitting atop a layer of crunchy sugar. It’s sugar heaven!

9 Tartine Bakery
Grab a group of friends and stop by the Mission District Bakery for their Frangipane Tart that can serve up to eight. This anytime delight is a flaky pastry filled with a rich almond cream and topped with fresh seasonal fruit that creates the perfect sweet and tart combination. Or go for their Tres Leches cake that is arguably the best in the City.

10 Anthony’s Cookies

This little place is nothing fancy. There’s no seating, just a place to walk in and order. Behind the counter you see the entire kitchen and rows of carts with trays of fresh cookies. You have to try their oatmeal raisin, cinnamon sugar, and my personal favorite, German chocolate. And if you really want to do it right, get a pint of the Strauss milk to wash it all down.