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The Presidio

When the weather is grand in San Francisco, friends and I will meet at a designated spot and ‘take a walk’. We all agree that this is a good way to exercise, great way to stay in touch with friends and after our walk, which can be anywhere up to 3hrs, we will reward ourselves with drinks and lunch at a great little place that we have discovered along the way.

One of our favorite walks is in the Presidio. This spot was once a military base. In fact, this site served as an army post for three nations over a period of 218 years. Architecturally it offers century old styles, plus a national cemetery and possibly the first pet cemetery, plus a history of aircraft activity, forest, beaches and beautiful vistas.  Walking is just one way to cover the grounds of the Presidio another way is of course riding a bike or catching the Presidio Bus which is a free public service to all who know of it.

Places to have lunch in the Presidio are La Terrase (The Terrace) and does offer patio seating (with heaters) or when the weather is dynamite there is a long line to sit out in the patio. The Presidio Social Club is another lunch place that is located in the old Barracks near the entrance of the park but our favorite is Liverpool Lil’s, across the Presidio entrance on Lombard Street. Here we will we reward ourselves with the much needed beverage while waiting for our lunch to be serve while we sit out on the patio.