Surrounded by Super Bowl 50 fanfaire, there is a great restaurant over at the Levi Stadium called Bourbon Steak & Bourbon Pub. Somewhere passed the Super Bowl ring flags and Panther vs. Bronco posters, this pub lives and doles out delicious cocktails, a great wine selection, fantastic beer selection, and a decent menu of swanky bar food it’s any wonder why anyone would bother sitting in a stadium seat to watch the game, when something so wonderful exists right below them.

To me a good sport pub needs to do three basic things incredibly well: The TV to music volume ratio has got to be perfect where I only noticed the music during commercial breaks. The drink menu must do enough good basics before revealing a premium menu. The staff have to do that difficult thing where they have to serve tables and mingle switching back and forth from pub-related conversation and sport-related cheer.

This the Bourbon Steak & Bourbon Pub does in spades. Just listening to the bartender recite the many different kinds of scotch, red wines, white wines, and beer with price ranges from acceptable to understandable, the drink menu alone is enough to book passage on the CALTRAIN down to Santa Clara. If the food was bad I still wouldn’t care, the staff and drinks are top notch. BUT THE FOOD IS ALSO AMAZING which is only mind blowing if, like me, you have low expectations for what is essentially stadium food. Bourbon Steak & Bourbon Pub is an excellent way to break that stereotype.

Bourbon Steak & Bourbon Pub is a great bar with a great drink selection that spans wines, whiskey, and beer while also preparing great steaks, salads, and fish!

I recommend it!

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