A massive construction project is underway at Union Square. It comes to us in 2 parts: Part 1 is building a subway extension from the shopping center to Chinatown. Part 2 is the new Apple store being built just on the corner of Post St. crossed by Stockton St. It LOOKS like a chaotic mess but there is STILL a lot to do! Here are some things to keep in mind and aware of!

  1. The Union Square side of Stockton St. is closed to pedestrians so you’ll have to keep watch for street crossing police officers aiding those that want to cross.
  2. Store are still open!
  3. Union Square is still open!
  4. There is NO SMOKING on Union Square. You can only smoke on opposite sidewalks. There is a fine and regular security guards that make the rounds, so be mindful!
  5. Union Square is also the one stop shop for all of your hop-on/hop-off bus tours! Dash by the Information Center when you get to Union Square for more information!
  6. Every Tuesday at 12:00PM, a warning siren goes off. It’s just a test, so don’t worry!
  7. The alleyways on the Stockton St. side of the square are filled with interesting shops and cafes. It’s often referred to as the French Quarter!
  8. After dashing in and out of some pretty pricey shops and department stores, relax with some pretty amazing coffee at Blue Bottle Coffee Co. on O’Farrell Street crossed by Powell St!
  9. Union Square is one of the best places in the city to chill out and relax. People watch! Read a book! Snap a photo and hashtag it with #UnionSquareSF and add yourself to the ever growing scrap book!
  10. When the Sun goes down, the construction stops and the clubs open their doors. Ruby Skye, Slide, Infusion Lounge, Love + Propaganda just to name a few. Is hookah your thing? 724 Hookah and Café Nile are just a few blocks away from Union Square!
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