Ocean BeachIntroducing the newest addition to the City Sightseeing San Francisco Adventure: The Parks and Beach Tour.  We will take you out to see the numerous sights of Golden Gate Park and beyond!

This tour begins at the central shopping, theater and hotel area to San Francisco at Union Square. The tour continues through San Francisco’s Tenderloin then by The Civic Center’s City Hall where it branches away from Downtown San Francisco to Hayes Valley. The tour stops nearby the famous Alamo Square where it’s possible to hop off and take a short stroll to see the famous ‘Seven Sisters’ featured in the popular 90’s tv show “Full House”.

Upon entering Golden Gate Park you will pass by the Conservatory of Flowers then into the heart of the park right in front of the California Academy of Sciences and the deYoung Museum. The tour then continues through Golden Gate park toward the Pacific Ocean opening up opportunities to visit other exciting areas within the park such as:

Stow lake – A great place to take a paddle or rowboat along the largest, man made, body of water within the park. There is also a nice cafe for lunch, in case you forgot your picnic basket.Rowboat

The American Bison Paddock – A herd of Buffalo descendant of Bison given to Dianne Fienstein as a birthday present in 1984. The residents go back as far as the 1800’s however and brought on a captive breeding program to keep them from becoming extinct.

Spreckels Lake – A beautifully styled model boat facility designed for model boat races. Join the fun! Model boaters of all ages and skill levels are welcome.

Polo Field – Contrary to its name, The Polo Field was initially a huge attraction for bicycle races in the early 1900’s. It is now used as a multi-purpose stadium for Soccer games, Little League and concerts in the park.

Golden Gate Park Golf Course – Take a relaxing put around this 9 hole Golf Course right in the middle of Golden Gate park. This course is built to accommodate beginners as well as more advanced players. Initially created as a “Pitch and Putt” course.

Sutro bathsFinally coming out of the Golden Gate Park you will see the Historic Dutch Windmill opening up to an expansive view of Ocean Beach at the Pacific Ocean.

We continue along the Ocean for beautiful scenic views up to the famous “Cliff House” which has been reconstructed 7 times and remains of the Sutro Baths Bathhouse. This area is known as the point where land meets air and sea.

From here there are numerous hiking trails all along the coast such as one that goes through Lands end with views of The Golden Gate Bridge above Baker Beach.

On the return trip from The cliff House and Ocean Beach area we make one last stop by the Dutch Windmill to hop-off and have a bite to eat at the Beach Chalet or get one last Pacific Ocean photo before heading back into the park.

Once back in the heart of the park we stop in front of the deYoung Museum for a last opportunity to visit the Japanese Tea Gardens, The California Academy of Sciences, the Conservatory of flowers as well as the Music Concourse. If you have children, make sure you stop off at the Carousel and visit the ‘Children Only’ playground.

Just outside the park we travel down memory lane through the Haight district where we can do a bit of shopping and enjoy the ‘far out’ scenery and artistry in the form of murals and architecture.

Continuing to travel through the Filmore District, home to many cultures through the years from Jewish immigrants, Japanese immigrants to African American migrants which became known for major musical development and eventually the “Jazz District”.

Once past the Filmore District we come upon Japantown, at one point one of the largest regions of Japanese outside of Japan. Here we get a chance to experience a bit of the Japanese culture as the area takes on a similar look as Ginza in Tokyo, an upscale shopping district.

We then come to an end after a short trip through some of the major hotel districts back to Union Square, right where we began. The tour takes you through so much in one short 90 minute trip that you can’t help but wonder what other hidden treasures you may have missed along the route.

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