The lantern outside of the Sir Francis Drake

Arguably one the most prolific hotels in San Francisco, nestled proudly on the northern cusp of Union Square and Nob Hill, The Sir Francis Drake Hotel or as its locally known ” The Drake” has managed to capture the hearts of not only the locals in the surrounding community, but the hearts of millions from around the world. My personal experience came as an overwhelming surprise when I got a chance to experience the hotel from the eyes of the Hotel concierge. It wasn’t enough that I was proudly introduced to the legendary Doorman,” Tom Sweeney” whose name is immortalized in the sidewalk entrance, but also local celebrity himself, the founder of The Starlight Room,  Mr. Harry Denton. His prominence and stature filled the hallways as he meticulously addressed every Staff Manager while walking down the halls of the back office. Phone calls poured in as well dressed professionals transferred them to the 21st floor, birthplace of the Starlight Room. Looking down from the legendary dance floor onto Union Square you almost feel as if the room is spinning. Not to be outdone by Starlight Rooms success, local celebrity and national runner up to the famed T.V. spectacular” Top Chef”, Lindsey Beasley graced Scala’s Bistro with her presence on this particular day. Being awarded the Head Chef’s title at the luxurious Sir Francis Drake Hotel Fine Dining restaurant was no easy feat. According to Lindsley, learning to prepare the perfect Osso Buco was 100 times easier. The excitement continued to amaze as scores of people began to fill the artistically well designed dining room. With sparkling crystal, rustic mahogany wood finishing, and the scent of authentic Italian cuisine,  this masterpiece was nothing short of being aesthetically sublime.  Service notwithstanding, still, I had yet to see the breathtaking rooms. I refused to take the elevator from the Hotel lobby. The staircase was so majestic the way the contour lines cascaded down the staircase from the mezzanine. OMG this is a Grand Hotel. It almost felt like she was making love to me and I was an eager eighteen year old. The rooms were dazzling with soft colours of blue with a whisper of Chantilly white lace. Spacious and decisive. To say that my dream was to be the Concierge for a hotel with the reputation of the Drake would be an understatement. I could not have imagined a Hotel like the Drake. I can only aspire to providing the service to match.

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