The Storefront Church is set in modern day Brooklyn. It’s the holiday season and Jessie and Ethan are an elderly couple struggling to make their house payments. When we first meet Ethan, he is with his loan officer, Reed, an ornery man who we later learn was shot in the face by his former wife. Half of his face is distorted and scarred. Ethan is trying to reason with Reed, asking for more time and to have a heart – it’s Christmas. Reed explains that it’s not him taking the house, it’s the bank. Ethan gets so worked up about it, he goes into cardiac arrest.

We then meet Jessie, Ethan’s wife. She’s excited about helping a preacher start a church in the unit below hers. Unfortunately, the bank wants to get the people in the area out of their houses so that they can resell the property at much higher prices. This is good for the Borough and business but bad for the struggling residents. The Borough President, Donaldo, is the son of one of Jessie’s best friends. He stops by Jessie’s house to encourage her to sell the unit downstairs to help pay the mortgage on her home but she refuses because she wants to help the preacher. He’s a lost man who is trying to find God again. She then explains that Donaldo’s mother, Jessie’s good friend, cosigned on the loan for the downstairs unit. Donaldo is in a terrible spot. As Borough President he is supposed to do what’s best for the Borough, bring in more revenue, etc. He goes to speak with the head of the bank to see if there is anything they can do. The bank manager is a cold hearted man with a smile on his face. He’s not interested in helping anyone but his own pocket.

Meanwhile, the preacher in the church downstairs has been there for months and has not yet given even one service. Jessie decides to invite everyone to the first service that will be held on Christmas. Christmas Day comes and the bank manager, loan officer, Donaldo, and Ethan and Jessie show up for the service at the church. The bank manager makes the announcement that Jessie and Ethan will be able to keep the house but Donaldo and the loan officer know this is too good to be true.

This is a heartwarming story of unexpected good doing and the human spirit overcoming corruption and seeing it is wonderful way to celebrate the holidays. The acting is great too.

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~written by team member Brooke

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