Its been a long drooling month for San Francisco and the 49er fans as they try and pick up the pieces from a devastating loss to the Baltimore Ravens. I too am a niners fan but for some reason I seemed to bounce back a lot easier than most. Only thing I can figure is maybe it had something to do with how and where I celebrated. I was fortunate enough to be at Pier 39 in the Fisherman’s Wharf community in San Francisco when The Princess Cruise Line docked at Pier 35 and everyone made a beeline to get a better look at its Grandeur. That’s when I over heard the staff at the California Welcome Center describing this place called the Players Arcade and Tiki Lounge. It was located at the end of the Pier situated  directly behind Bubba Gumps. Inside the arcade were 88 flat screen T.V’s of all sizes, everyone of them showing the Super Bowl. The space had to encompass at least 3000 square feet of  video games, interactive portals, just about any game you can imagine will probably be here. As you make your way through the restaurant you see the most amazing food  and tropical cocktails being enjoyed until you finally reach the rear tiki bar and lounge. It has a separate outdoor veranda that overlooks the North Bay, Alcatraz, and the Majestic Golden Gate Bridge. It didn’t take me long to decide where I would be enjoying the Superbowl with my friends. During half time, instead of watching the half time show we went out on to the veranda and enjoyed the scenery. People on their sailboats, ferryboats transporting people to and from Sausalito, the sea lions sunbathing on the pier. So my experience was much more than just the football game itself. The Players Arcade Tiki Bar & Lounge, Fisherman’s Wharf, and  beautiful San Francisco made my Super Bowl experience a little less painful and a lot more enjoyable

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