The Disappearance of Mary Rosemary, but up by Second Wind Productions is set in Louisiana that spans four different decades. One day Mary was on an island while her father was fishing, and simply disappeared. After the police searched for her location (alive or dead) she randomly re-appeared without knowing she was ever gone in the first place. After this, the play takes off at a breakneck pace into unraveling the mystery of the family and the island.

The script is actually based off of a play written by JM Barrie, who is pretty famous for writing Peter Pan; a lot was changed during the adaption, including the setting. Unfortunately, the script suffers from trying to force a period-piece English horror play into the Southern Bayou without any real indication that the playwright has ever lived in the South; there are some weird jokes about the South that I’ve really only ever experienced or heard Northerner’s say about it; however, the performances were all very good and there is this really amazing WOW moment that relates to the set.

If you want something spooky that puts you in the mood for the Halloween season, The Disappearance of Mary Rosemary will definitely place you in the right direction.

The show runs through October and it’s at the Phoenix Theatre, which is at Geary and Mason next to Ruby Skye.

You can buy tickets through brownpapertickets or through Goldstar.The show runs from October 4th thru October 26, 2013.

There is no intermission.

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