Yes, it is true that the natural terrain of San Francisco is in fact hilly. And those flat areas especially along the shore are man-made areas. If you like to take walks in the many different neighborhood as I do then here is another place to explore. Many folks know of Telegraph Hill, Russian Hill & of course Twin Peaks Hill but let me introduce you to Bernal Hill.

Bernal Hill Park is located south of the vibrant Mission District and it is easily spotted with its landmark of what looks like 4 trees standing on top of a bald hill. This hill top was part of the 1839 Rancho Rincon de las Salinas Y Potrero Viejo Mexican land grant to Jose Cornelio Bernal. Its present day community is called Bernal Heights.

Prior to the 1906 San Francisco earthquake Bernal was mostly pastureland.  Its bedrock terrain survived the temblors and since there were only a few buildings around those also survived the fires that followed. The City built ‘earthquake cottages ‘on Bernal to house the quake refugees and some of those cottages still survive to this day.

Once you trek up the hill you are rewarded with an incredible view of San Francisco and across the Bay to our neighbors in the East. You will not be alone instead you will meet many neighbors who are out walking their dogs or out with their children for a bit of exercise. When you are ready to return trek down to Cortland Ave where you will find neighborhood cafes to reward yourself with a break and a little bit of lunch.

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